John Oliver Shows That the Media Has No Idea How to Cover Science

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This week’s target for John Oliver’s regularly scheduled moral umbrage: how the news media covers science. It’s been a running joke for years that, if you believe news reports, everything will both kill you and make you healthier. Coffee, red wine, regular exercise and more are both the cause and cure of all kinds of cancer, per the credulous news coverage of various vaguely defined scientific studies. John Oliver reminds us that, as with most things he covers, it’s basically all a bunch of bullshit, showing how press releases can twist the actual meaning of studies, how questionable standards can lead to unsure results, and how sponsorship and funding from corporations and trade associations tend to ensure favorable findings. It’s another long Last Week Tonight segment, but one worth watching. And stick with it to the end to catch Jon Benjamin, B.D. Wong and, uh, one of those guys from the Sonic ads. (JK, we love you, Peter Grosz.)