7 Things We Learned from the Inside Amy Schumer Panel at SF Sketchfest

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Sweet-faced, raunchy and without a filter, people love the gloriously inappropriate comedy of Amy Schumer and her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. Last year’s first season pushed the envelope of moral and immoral comedy and the forthcoming second season has upped the ante when it comes to Schumer’s comedic voice.

It wouldn’t be possible without her finely demented writing/producing team. Writers Jessi Klein and Kurt Metzger pump some more greatness into the show while comedy extraordinaire Daniel Powell (whom Schumer refers to as a “black guy’s impression of a white guy”) provides guidance in the writing and producing department. Joining them for the second season is Amy’s sister, Kim Schumer, a school psychologist-turned-comedy writer. The five of them were at SF Sketchfest to talk about their show and, much to the audience’s surprise, give a sneak preview of the second season. Here’s what we took away from the wonderful panel.

1. Inside Amy Schumer Initially Had An Even Porn-ier Title

If Inside Amy Schumer wasn’t suggestive enough for you, then perhaps you would have liked one of the original titles of the show: “Come Inside Amy Schumer.”

2. The Funniest Person Amy Schumer Knows is Her Sister Kim, Who Will Be Joining the Show for the Second Season

When Amy found out that she was going to shoot a pilot, she wanted Kim (her aforementioned sister) to be a part of the team because she’s the funniest person she knows. At the time, Kim was doing the school psychologist thing and agreed to move to New York if the show got picked up for a second season. When that happened, Amy immediately called her and said “You’re moving to New York!”

3. Season 2 Will Feature Tons of Guest Stars

Based on the footage of that was shared, the roster of Season 2 guest stars is going to be amazing. I had a hard time trying to keep up with who they snagged. The clip flashed scenes that contained Rory Scovel, Parker Posey, Rachel Dratch, Michael Ian Black, Reggie Watts, Colin Quinn, Questlove, Janeane Garofalo and too many other to keep track of.

4. OMG (Oh My Giamatti)

A full sketch from the show was shown and it was good. Damn good. Amy Schumer plays a girl who is panicking over whether or not she has herpes. While doing so, God pays her a visit…and God is played by Academy Award-nominated actor Paul Giamatti in a white cable knit sweater. He delivers the news that she does have herpes. Amazing.

5. Craigslist Casting

In addition to “man on the street”-style interviews, Amy also will have intimate one-on-ones with regular people we would be curious about: a plastic surgeon, an ex-cop, a dominatrix, a guy with a big penis, etc. They’re kind of like human interest stories that you would read in newspapers but a lot more exciting. It was interesting to learn that the way they get these interviewees are through Craigslist ads. So if you’re wanting to be on her show, keep your eyes on Craigslist.

6. You Have to Censor the Color of a Certain Bodily Fluid

There are a lot of dirty things that are said on Inside Amy Schumer and there are just as many dirty things that happen. The panel said that they go through their fair share of censorship and that they tend to get away with a lot, but there was one particular sketch that never got the okay from Comedy Central. Without getting too graphic, it involved a scene where, in the end, Amy was squirted with yogurt. Naturally, the yogurt represented a male bodily fluid. The panel said that censors are okay with semen as long as its not colored like semen. That said, every color of the rainbow would be acceptable.

7. There Are Never Any Regrets…Except for One Thing

During a Q&A with the audience, someone asked the panel, “Is there any joke that you wrote that you regretted?” The question makes sense considering all of the brilliantly inappropriate things that pop up on the show, but ultimately, the panel said “No.” There are many comics that have been under fire for saying something that doesn’t go over to well with the public. “I’ve had a couple of Michael Richards moments in my time,” admitted Kurt. He also goes on to say that many people think these “regretful jokes” are accidents, but they’re not. Most of them are written and thought about. With that in mind, Amy said that in the end, it’s all about how people take the joke. She also adds that there is one thing she regrets:

...not fucking Paul Giamatti.


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