This Berserk Supercut Combines One Second From Every It's Always Sunny Episode

Comedy Video It's Always Sunny
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As recently revealed, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s first 11 seasons are not long for Netflix, and that’s all the reason we needed to share the insanity that is the above supercut with you.

The three and a half-minute clip, shared last month by one of YouTube’s many anonymous heroes, pulls one second from each of It’s Always Sunny’s 134 episodes, spanning all 12 seasons. As noted in the video’s description, “Most clips exceed the one second mark purely to fit in some golden moments but everything is under two seconds.” You’ll be glad for this aesthetic choice, as fans of the show will recognize one classic moment after another, each allowed to breathe just long enough to reinforce its utter, glorious absurdity. Everyone—and we mean everyone, from Artemis to Rickety Cricket, The Waitress to Mac’s dad, Hawky (may he rest in peace) to Gail the Snail, Green Man to the Nightman, the Juarez family to the Gruesome Twosome, and Rum Ham to Diddy’s Dr. Jinx—gets their moment in the It’s Always Sunny sun.

It’s Always Sunny’s forthcoming 13th season won’t air until the fall of 2018—FX has yet to set an official date. The show leaves Netflix on Dec. 9, though all 12 seasons are available on Hulu.

Enjoy the absolutely batshit (and NSFW) supercut above, stream It’s Always Sunny on Netflix while you still can and find out what else is leaving the streamer in December here.