A Dennis Sex Doll Is Somehow the Least Off-putting Part of It's Always Sunny's Season 13 Trailer

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A Dennis Sex Doll Is Somehow the Least Off-putting Part of <i>It's Always Sunny</i>'s Season 13 Trailer

One of the foremost questions swirling around the impending 13th season of FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is whether Glenn Howerton’s Dennis Reynolds has separated entirely from the show. The answer, in typical It’s Always Sunny fashion, is messy and more than a little deranged. The short version? No … not entirely.

The appearance of a Dennis sex doll is just one of many, uh, memorable moments in the show’s new trailer, which also includes an apparent rehash of season 10’s plane-bound beer-fest “The Gang Beats Boggs,” a Mindy Kaling cameo, a shirtless and sore-covered Rickety Cricket in a leather daddy get-up, a #TimesUp reference, Charlie dressed as Cosmo Kramer (fitting, as It’s Always Sunny is commonly referred to as “Seinfeld on crack”), a grotesque Frank sealing wounds with hot glue and lemon juice (he is a doctor, after all … Dr. Mantis Toboggan), and Mac grabbing Dee you know where, Trump-style. All told, it’s a carnival of batshit behavior, i.e. exactly what It’s Always Sunny’s audience expects from The Gang, who are clearly marching forward into oblivion, with or without their golden god.

It’s Always Sunny returns to FXX for its lucky 13th season on Sept. 5. Check out the trailer below.