Hilarious It's Always Sunny Supercut Combines Every "Goddammit" Ever Spoken on the Show

Comedy Video It's Always Sunny
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For over a decade, a certain seedy subset of Americans have been enthralled with FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We’ve watched the gang grow from a bunch of self-absorbed assholes into … well, self-absorbed assholes, actually. Part of the brilliance of the show is its ability to never emotionally develop the characters but still remain engaging and hilarious for 12 seasons and counting.

The show has spawned countless fans over the years eager for any opportunity to show off some funny aspect of the show. And thanks to one of those fans, we can now present to you a six-minute long supercut of every single utterance of “goddammit” over the show’s 134-episode run.

For goddammit connoisseurs, it’s truly unbelievable to witness just how many variations of the phrase can actually come across. Mac, Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Frank are all in rare form in this clip, and it’s a fun way to re-watch practically half the series without getting bogged down by any unnecessary plot. Brilliant.

Just watch the clip above and enjoy the rest of your goddamn day. You’re welcome.