"The Boyega Is Mine": Watch James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor Fight Over Star Wars Star

Comedy Video James Corden
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The ‘90s are coming back in a big way. This time, it’s in the form of James Corden and Jeffrey Tambor spoofing the video for Brandy and Monica’s 1998 hit, “The Boy Is Mine,” on The Late Late Show. The two grown men fight over Detroit and Star Wars star John Boyega in the appropriately titled track, “The Boyega Is Mine.”

Apart from changing “the boy is mine” to “the Boyega is mine,” the rest of the lyrics remain the same, which makes the segment even funnier. Tambor talk-sings throughout the video as Monica, and Corden shows off his vocal range in shiny silk pajamas. We won’t spoil any more for you.

Watch “The Boyega Is Mine” above and Brandy and Monica’s original video below.

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