Watch James Corden, Owen Wilson Challenge Usain Bolt to a Race

Comedy Video James Corden
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James Corden claims to be the world’s fastest man. Usain Bolt is actually the world’s fastest man. When the two square off in a race, there’s no telling who will win. During a segment on last night’s Late Late Show, the pair faced off alongside Owen Wilson, who was just kind of there, and the entire staff of Corden’s show.

With the help of some dramatic sportscaster announcing, the race took on the same level of intrigue as any Olympic event. Things got especially tense when Wilson took an insane false start, jumping the gun in order to get the jump on Bolt. Corden’s staff, meanwhile, was either inappropriately dressed or only in it for the free pizza.

When the gun finally sounded, it was a showdown for the ages. There was a clear and decisive winner, that’s for sure. Check out the full video above to find out just who that was, and be grateful you finally got to see Wilson looking his best, complete with a sweatband and some nice athletic shorts.

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