Watch James Corden Recreate Prestige Dramas as Musicals

Comedy Video James Corden
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James Corden might just be the newly crowned king of ridiculous late-night segments, and his latest is no exception. Singing alongside Alan Cumming and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Corden turned a trio of prestige dramas into musicals on last night’s The Late Late Show. The music itself is fairly catchy, and this is definitely a trio that can carry a tune.

They first take on Game of Thrones, reenacting the memorable season one decapitation of Ned Stark, who is played by a surprisingly similar looking Ferguson. This time, though, Ned sings. “Winter is coming,” after all, and if you can’t sing about it, what can you do?

They follow that bit of musical prowess with a Breaking Bad-themed segment where Cumming does a surprisingly adequate Heisenberg impression. Heisenberg loses some of his menace, though, when he reveals that he’s actually just a magician.

Check out the full clip above to listen to Corden list things that happened during the ‘80s during the Stranger Things portion of the show. There are few late-night hosts as full of joy as Corden, and it’s that joy that allows him to bring Broadway to television.

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