Watch Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon Run Down the "Evolution of Dad Dancing"

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Maybe the most popular recurring bit of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has been the “Evolution of Dance,” and last night Fallon hit it out of the park once more when he and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shared the spotlight to run down the history of dad dancing in anticipation of Father’s Day.

Christie looked almost a little too comfortable in comically hiked-up khakis and a tucked-in polo as he joined a mustachioed Fallon to demonstrate classic moves like “The Lawn Mower,” “The Democratic Convention” and, of course, “The Dance You Do At A Springsteen Concert.” The pressure was on for Christie to nail this last one lest his home state’s voters question his Jersey credentials. If de Blasio is going to hear it from New Yorkers (and Jon Stewart) when caught eating pizza with a knife and fork, you better believe Garden State residents are going to be up in arms if their governor can’t properly rock out to The Boss. Check out the video above to see how well he pulled it off.

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