Fallon Sure Fallon’d It Up With This Star Wars/Smashmouth Meme Last Night

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Look, we’re not happy about this either. And hey, you don’t have to click play on that video up there. You could just consider this click-magnet of post a friendly warning, then back away slowly, continuing to keep your head down against the mostly unwanted deluge of May the Fourth memery. Ah, who are we kidding? We watched it and you probably will, too.

We’re guessing since you’re aware of how to navigate a web browser, you already know that the whole “All-Star” mash-up meme thing (where footage of pretty much anything is edited so that its subjects “sing” “All-Star” by Smashmouth) has been done to death, and is basically already on life-support. Well, thanks to some either incredibly ignorant or genius Fallon fan, the meme will be officially dead in a matter of hours. The fan wrote to the host via an audience suggestion box:

Tomorrow is May 4th and May the 4th be with you. I love ‘Star Wars.’ I also love the song ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth, which got me thinking. Can you show all the stars from ‘Star Wars’ singing ‘All Star’ to celebrate?

Fallon responded, “That sounds fun,” because of course he did. If you (like some of us) don’t really have much patience for the Trump hair-tousling host, then you might enjoy this recent clip of Louis C.K. on The Tonight Show, in which he clearly doesn’t have any, either.

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