Watch Jimmy Fallon's "Neil Young" Sing with Neil Young on The Tonight Show

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy Fallon never misses a chance to impersonate his guests, especially when he’s particularly good at a certain impression. Neil Young was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and Fallon broke out his Young wig and hat to bring us “Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump.”

In 2015, Fallon duetted with Young for the first time, playing the Young classic “Old Man,” but last night he raised the stakes by playing a “Young” and Young original. Fallon and Young sat back-to-back on a large rotating tree stump in a moonlit forest while woodland puppets observed. The song sounds like a classic Young tune, guitar-driven and haunting, but the lyrics are absolutely ridiculous: “Two Neil Youngs on a tree stump / Where did the other Neil come from? / I am you, you are me / Love is love.”

Young was a guest on The Tonight Show to promote his new album EARTH, a live album concerning environmental issues, hence the tree stump performance. Fallon has been impersonating Young long before the musician’s first actual guest slot on Fallon’s show in 2015. Fallon’s “Young” has made many modern hits into wistful Young songs, including “Pants On The Ground,”“Fancy” and the theme song of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Watch “Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump” above.

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