President Obama Writes Thank You Notes with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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This Obama guy has a future in television.

Last night on The Tonight Show President Obama once again proved that he has the best comedic timing of any president in the television era. If he wanted to host a talk show, he would immediately become the best host on the air today, no question. After a long chat with Jimmy Fallon he joined in on Fallon’s signature Thank You Notes bit. Obama largely avoided political references during the segment, thanking his 2008 catchphrase and Questlove’s hair stylist, but he did make sure to get in a dig on Donald Trump during a thank you note to Congress. The political material was left for Fallon, who thanked Hillary Clinton, Obama’s birth certificate and Obama himself. Watch the video above, and try to imagine either Trump or Clinton pulling off something like this half as well as Obama does.

Obama also slow jammed the news with Fallon and the Roots last night. We’ll miss this guy.

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