Watch Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd Face Off in an Epic Lip Sync Battle

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Aside from the staunch traditionalists at RuPaul’s Drag Race, modern performers have largely abandoned the ancient art of the lip sync showdown, opting for lamer, less physically demanding competitions. But last night Jimmy Fallon paid homage to the old gods of entertainment, challenging Paul Rudd to a glorious trial by pantomime on The Tonight Show.

In a battle that tested the comedians’ minds and spirits, Fallon and Rudd went head to head with their best karaoke moves, tackling hits by lip sync legends like Tina Turner and Queen. In the end, of course, only one of the two jukebox warriors could become champion, but only after both men had given it their most lip-quivering all.

Check it out, and see what’s possibly Rudd’s greatest physical performance since Wet Hot American Summer.

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