Watch Jimmy Fallon and Seth Rogen Perform Stand-Up Written by Kids

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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From True Confessions to Lip Sync Battles, Jimmy Fallon has gotten his celebrity guests to do some pretty ridiculous things on The Tonight Show. Last night was no exception, as he corralled Seth Rogen into doing a stand-up routine with him composed entirely of jokes written by kids.

The jokes were what would typically be considered terrible one-liners, had they not been written by children and performed by two of the most famous comedians of current times. Fallon and Rogen sported overstated ‘90s blazers, complete with rolled-up sleeves. “What did one lawyer say to the other lawyer?” Rogen prompted. “Answer: we’re both lawyers.”

A gem from Fallon’s turn at the mic was, “Where does the president keep his armies? In his sleevies.” To finish, Rogen and Fallon both took the stage for a couple of knock-knock jokes. This part included a new twist to the timeless “why did the chicken cross the road?” which ended in someone being called an idiot, as elementary school jokes often do.

Both with stand-up beginnings, Fallon and Rogen played up the cheesiness of the act. Earlier in the show, Fallon even pulled a tape of Rogen doing one his first routines at age 13. Rogen was a guest on the show promoting the premiere of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, which hits theaters today. Watch the “Kid Standup” clip above.

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