Watch Jimmy Fallon School James Bond Himself at GoldenEye 007

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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In the world of multiplayer gaming, there’s perhaps no rule more sacred than “playing as Oddjob in GoldenEye is cheating.” But what about playing as real-life James Bond Pierce Brosnan? Apparently, it’s not the advantage you might think, as Jimmy Fallon proved this week on The Tonight Show.

Appearing on the show Tuesday to promote his upcoming spy thriller The November Man, Brosnan faced his most dangerous mission yet when Fallon dusted off the N64 and challenged him to a game of “Power Weapons.” Unarmed and disoriented, the Bond of the ‘90s was no match for the younger, more experienced talk-show host. Check it out above, and watch Fallon become the Bond villain that finally defeats 007.

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