Watch Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon's Inspiring Nipple Duet

Comedy Video Jimmy Fallon
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Over 30 years ago, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder released “Ebony and Ivory,” scoring a number one hit and ending racism between piano keys forever. But as beautiful as that song was, it featured surprisingly little areola action, an injustice Jimmy Fallon finally righted last night with a segment called “Nipple Syncing.”

With the help of actor, former football player and professional pectoral juggler Terry Crews, Fallon staged an (oily, shirtless) recreation of that tender moment when we learned to live in perfect harmony. Even better, it gave Fallon a chance to show off his wicked new dragon tat. Check it out above, and see this year’s clear frontrunner for the “Most Moving Performance by Interracial Man Boobs” Grammy.

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