Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids to Explain Gay Marriage and They Didn't Disappoint

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Last week, as you may have heard, love won. So now that same-sex marriage has been upheld by the highest court in all the land, many American parents are wondering how to broach the subject with their little ones. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel Live just made a strong case for kids having a far better grip on the issue than their forebears.

In a brilliant segment on last night’s episode of the late show, Kimmel had his interview team hit the Hollywood streets to ask a few youngsters for their thoughts on gay marriage—it’s unclear whether any pennies were exchanged. Some of the kids were hilariously overwhelmed by the complicated subject matter, while others came off as wise well beyond their few years.

One youngster explains that people get married “Because they love each other and they just feel a connection,” while another says same-sex marriage is hard to understand “For some kids,” but not for her. The last interviewee is particularly perceptive, declaring that “If [gay people] want to get married, they should be able to,” before demonstrating a preternatural and uproarious understanding of marriage’s more practical nuances.

Kimmel clearly puts a lot of stock in the wisdom of little kids—after all, the man does employ a six-year-old therapist. Hopefully concerned American parents everywhere will follow suit.

Watch the segment from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live above.

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