Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down What Went Wrong at the Oscars

Comedy Video Jimmy Kimmel
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The end of the 89th iteration of the Academy Awards was a colossal clusterbleep of the highest magnitude and even now, it doesn’t entirely make sense.

Fortunately, for anyone still scratching their heads, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel gave a play-by-play account of what went wrong at the end of film’s biggest night. Basically, Clyde (Warren Beatty) threw Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) under the biggest bus imaginable and Denzel Washington shepherded Kimmel through hosting at a calamitous moment. Also, per Kimmel, Dunaway effectively sprinted off stage when everything really hit the fan, which is a heady play on her part.

Check out Kimmel explaining what went wrong above—it only makes slightly more sense now—or just focus on the Oscar’s high points here.

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