Jimmy Kimmel Continues His War of Words with GOP Lawmakers and Fox News

Comedy Video Jimmy Kimmel
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Jimmy Kimmel—erstwhile Man Show host, former questioner of Ben Stein, and a man who we recently took to task for joking around with former official Trump disinformation spewer Sean Spicer—has become the best spokesman against the latest disastrous health care bill being pushed by the GOP. Because everything makes sense when nothing makes sense, as 2017 has proven.

Kimmel went hard against Senator Bill Cassidy and his horrible health care bill earlier this week, and he’s not pulling back. On last night’s show he laid into Cassidy and the bill’s co-sponsor Lindsey Graham, calling them out not just on their lies about what the bill proposes but for the smear campaign that the GOP and conservative media has been running against Kimmel’s galvanizing criticisms. Kimmel’s most delicious comments in last night’s clip involve Fox News’s alpha doofus Brian Kilmeade, who apparently “kisses [Kimmel’s] ass like a little boy meeting Batman” whenever he’s not knocking him on Fox & Friends. Chris Christie and Trump himself wind up on Kimmel’s hit list, as well. Check it out above, and let’s hope Kimmel and his late-night colleagues can do more work like this and less acting like good time buddies with shameless Trump jackals.

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