John Oliver Prepares You for Tuesday's "Leap Second"

Comedy Video
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People always want more time—this is perhaps why the pharmaceutical business is booming and every few years a movie comes out about immortal vampires or time travelers. Come this Tuesday, the people will finally get what they want. On June 30, the clocks will change from 11:59:59 PM to 11:59:60 to 12:00 AM, July 1, giving everyone in the world one more second of a day.

This seemingly arbitrary gain in time comes from the earth’s need to stay aligned with the planet’s orbit. As the earth is slowing down , scientists are looking for a way to keep the earth matched up with the hyper-accurate atomic clock, hence the extra second. Confusing, yes, but arbitrary, no.

Although the extra moment of June 30 may temporarily break the internet even worse than Kim K , Last Week Tonight’s host John Oliver is ecstatic about this “leap second.” In his segment, he lists out many exciting ways one can spend their extra piece of time, most of his ideas involving watching second-long videos featuring animals. Watch his clip above and get ready to visit his website John Oliver Secs Tapes when the special second arrives.