John Oliver Visits Sesame Street to Talk About Lead Poisoning

Comedy Video
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You probably know about the Flint water crisis by now, where the Michigan city’s drinking water has been contaminated for two years through government malfeasance. Did you know that millions of homes in America still have old lead paint and other lead contamination risks, though? (If you ever bought an older house or read your rental agreement closely enough you’d probably know that—you usually have to sign a form acknowledging you’re aware of the risk.) In this long segment from last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver explains how the lead industry tried to cast doubt on the dangers of lead poisoning, and how our government still drags its feet when trying to clean up this common threat to public health. It’s funny and sad like only an Oliver segment can be, and if you want to zip past all the depressing stuff and just get straight to the puppets, we wouldn’t blame you. Jump to the 14:20 mark to watch Oliver visit Sesame Street to follow-up on the kids show’s anti-lead segment from 20 years ago, where he sings and dances with Oscar and Elmo and some other Muppet none of us recognize. And then make sure you and your loved ones aren’t eating any paint chips.