John Oliver Looks at the Right-Wing Media's Coronavirus Lies

Comedy Features John Oliver
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John Oliver Looks at the Right-Wing Media's Coronavirus Lies

Eventually this will end. We’ll be able to leave our homes without fear of getting infected. John Oliver will stop taping his show in front of a plain white background. And maybe he’ll actually be able to talk about something other than the coronavirus. This will all happen. Any day now.

Last night Oliver focused once again on the only thing possible to focus on right now: this damned virus. He specifically looked at all the rumors, lies and misinformation spreading about it, from the useless “cures” and conspiratorial causes, to the openly malicious nonsense being spread by bad faith actors like, you know, our president. Yes, he looks at those astroturfed protests that are commanding far more media attention than they merit. Yes, it’s all deeply depressing, and yet perversely enjoyable, because Oliver is that good. If you want something that’s fun and silly and light, go watch this. If you want to stay up on what’s happening without the bullshit of a cable news network and with good jokes, watch the Oliver segment below. And whatever you do, please stay indoors, unless you’re the driver bringing me that sandwich I just ordered.

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