John Oliver Takes on America's Opioid Addiction, Offers Trump His Emmy on Latest Last Week Tonight

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John Oliver dug deep on the devastating drug epidemic in America today during his main story on Last Week Tonight. “America is now in the midst of a new drug crisis, and it seems no one is safe from it,” the host said.

Oliver went on to explain that prescription pain killers and opioids are demolishing communities across the country. After a bit of background, we got a clip of none other than Donald Trump discussing the crisis.”They said the biggest single problem they have up here is heroin,” said Trump in New Hampshire. “And I said, ‘How does heroin work with these beautiful lakes and trees?’ ... It doesn’t.”

“Yeah, it does, though,” explained Oliver. “It does. Heroin works basically everywhere because it’s heroin, not a cell phone. Heroin has full coverage.”

Oliver then went on to explain that many use prescription opioids as gateways to heroin, and would occasionally go to desperate measures to get the drugs. Some of these addicts even resorted to hurting themselves. As for who is to blame for this widespread epidemic, Oliver lays a good deal of the blame at the feet of large pharmaceutical corporations who openly lied about the addictive properties of their opioids in order to lure both doctors and patients toward the drugs.

Oliver also tackled the election during his show Sunday night, and had a specific offer for Donald Trump. Trump spent the majority of last week dealing with the fallout of his refusal to accept the results of the election. In the debate on Wednesday night, Trump promised to keep everyone in suspense about whether he would accept the results.

“What do you mean, ‘You’ll keep us in suspense?’ This is a presidential election, not an American Idol results show!” said Oliver. ”’I’ll tell you whether or not my followers will plunge the country into anarchy after the break.’”

During the debate, Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton even brought up the fact that he had once claimed the Emmys were rigged against him when he didn’t win forThe Apprentice for three straight years. “Of course he wants an Emmy. It’s a woman, it’s gold, and it’s proportionate to his tiny hands. It’s basically Trump’s ideal mate,” said Oliver.

With the likelihood of a civil Trump concession speech virtually nonexistent, Oliver suggested that Trump should be fooled into giving a “concession speech while he’s still able to claim that he won something.”

“I think I might have the answer here,” said Oliver. “Because I have a proposition for Donald Trump: Let’s bet on the outcome of this election. I will take the side that you win; you take the side that you lose. That way, if you lose, you still win. As for the stakes of the bet, I have something I know that you want.”

With that, Oliver pulled out his own Emmy, pleading with Trump to take him up on this friendly wager. “Take the bet, Donald,” the host implored. “Take the f—-ing bet.” Check out the full clip on opioids above, or watch Oliver join the ranks of late-night hosts who rub their Emmys in Trump’s face below.

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