Watch John Oliver Explain Why Flood Insurance Is Bad on Last Week Tonight

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John Oliver is here, and he’s going to tell you about floods.

In the main segment from the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver took on the National Flood Insurance Program, which he characterizes as well-intentioned but deeply, deeply flawed. Over the course of the 20-minute video, he talks about how “repetitive flood” properties are draining funds from the program to the point where it’s over $25 billion in debt.

Oliver also discusses how the program isn’t means-tested, meaning it gives aid equally to lower-income families and rich people whose vacation homes flooded. Perhaps most damning, he shows how it allows insurance companies to profit off of large-scale natural disasters (which is exactly when insurance companies shouldn’t be profiting). He also really, really commits to a running gag involving a seagull, but let’s not talk about that.

You can watch Oliver’s previous Last Week Tonight segment here.

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