Watch John Oliver Run Through President Trump's Proposed Budget

Comedy Video John Oliver
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Federal budget proposals put forward by the president are often seen as symbolic moves meant to signify what they prioritize and what they have precious little time or money for. In the case of President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget proposal, John Oliver views it as a giant middle finger to: poor people, rural Americans, single moms and the environment at large.

During a segment on last night’s Last Week Tonight, Oliver ably dissected just how President Trump’s tippy-top, defense-heavy proposal could be a boon for the military industrial complex and a major bane for many Americans who voted for the current President. Wave au revoir to Bob the Builder and after-school programs, Oliver effectively says in the clip. Kids can take care of themselves anyway.

Watch Oliver’s main segment above, and enjoy 20 minutes of green-screened dancing zebra footage courtesy of Oliver below. (Long story.)

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