Joke of the Day: April 5, 2017

Comedy Video Joke Of The Day
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Hello and welcome to the paragraph you are reading. I am Seth “Crashing Sucks” Simons, Assistant Comedy Editor, and this is the Joke of the Day: a new daily post in which either I or Garrett, Comedy Editor, will share the funniest thing we see and/or hear each day until such a day comes that things aren’t funny anymore or we just don’t feel like doing this.

Perhaps it will be a web video, such as a web video of some turkeys encircling a dead cat. Perhaps it will be an episode of a television program, like last night’s episode of Detroiters, which really is one of the best episodes of comedy I’ve seen in some time and you ought to consider checking it out. Or maybe it will be the brief narrative of some experience experienced in real life, not on the internet at all, just waiting in line at CVS or on the operating table at Mount Sinai, tripping over a banana peel or tossing bread to a duck. Who knows? The future is dark and full of possibilities. Maybe Andy Borowitz will strike gold, just really hit a home run and we’ll have no choice but to give credit where credit is due. Ha ha, yeah. Ugh.

What I would like to offer you today is this supercut of non-verbal intonations in Amy Schumer’s The Leather Special. Look at that! It’s like the stand-up equivalent of negative space in a painting of some flowers or whatever. All the sounds between the other sounds. I would like one of these for every special, please, starting with the new Louis CK. My email is I’m waiting.