Watch Judd Apatow Rant About the Golden Globes' Comedy Nominations

Comedy Video Judd Apatow
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The Martian won the Golden Globe for best comedy this year. Yes, that Martian—noted comedy director Ridley Scott’s Castaway in space starring noted comedian Matt Damon. Actual comedians weren’t too thrilled that legitimate comedies like Trainwreck, Spy and others were snubbed in favor of a movie that was decidedly not a comedy, and if you looked at Twitter at any point during the Globes you would’ve seen every comedian paying attention taking the awards show down a peg.

Judd Apatow didn’t just take the Globes down a peg last night at the Critics Choice Awards. He basically ran over them with a semi truck and then backed over them a few takes to make sure they were properly flattened.

Apatow was handing out the MVP Award to Amy Schumer, who wrote and starred in Trainwreck, which Apatow directed. Instead of just puffing up Schumer’s legit accolades before handing over a statue, Apatow used it as an opportunity to tear the Globes apart for ignoring all the legitimate comedies that deserved the (admittedly meaningless) award. Take a look at Apatow’s rant above, and then go watch Inside Amy Schumer’s third season again.

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