Kate McKinnon Does a Funny Marianne Williamson Impression on Late Night

Comedy Features Kate McKinnon
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Kate McKinnon Does a Funny Marianne Williamson Impression on <i>Late Night</i>

The breakout hit of last night’s Democratic debate was Marianne Williamson, an author and activist from California whose candidacy was somehow taken seriously enough by the party to earn her a spot at a podium. Her deeply earnest, entirely ridiculous ideas set her apart from the rest of the politicians on stage, who, if they ever had a hippie phase to begin with, worked through that years, if not decades, ago. Of course any candidate or politician who’s even slightly outside the norm in terms of how they present themselves immediately becomes prime grist for the meme mill, and in this day and age are guaranteed a Saturday Night Live impression as quickly as possible. This is still the summer, though, and SNL’s next season is almost three months away. As Seth Meyers points out in this clip, the odds of Williamson being in this race long enough to even merit an SNL impression are slim. Instead of missing out on this opportunity for a memorable impression, Meyers’s old SNL colleague Kate McKinnon took it upon herself to show up on Late Night and do a spot-on Williamson that she apparently workshopped in the back of the show’s studio. McKinnon nails Williamson’s wide-eyed disconnection from the tangible world, while making the same kind of new age jokes that have been all over Twitter since last night. McKinnon shows why she’s become SNL’s go-to for political impressions, and one of the few regular cast members who can break through the celebrity cameo stronghold of the show’s other political parodies. Check it out below.