Listen to a Preview of Kate Willett's New Stand-up Album

Comedy Audio Kate Willett
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Kate Willett was a highlight of the Atlanta leg of last year's Crom Comedy Festival (RIP), with a distinctly personal and feminist perspective on modern life, so we here at Paste were pretty excited when we heard she had an album coming out. Glass Gutter will be available tomorrow through Audible Comedy, streamable or purchasable at the usual spots, and if you want to get a brief preview you should listen to the track above. On "Conspiracy Theories" Willett digs into how modern day conspiracy theorists aren't necessarily just militia weirdos stockpiling guns in the middle of nowhere, but possibly any stoner with an internet connection.

You've maybe seen Willett on Vice's Flophouse or on This is Not Happening on Comedy Central. Formerly based in San Francisco and then Los Angeles, she's now living it up in New York City. You can find her on Twitter and listen to all of Glass Gutter when it's released tomorrow, May 26. And if you want another brief peak at the album, there's also a video above, too.