Kroll Show: "Mother Daughter Sister Wife"

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<i>Kroll Show</i>: "Mother Daughter Sister Wife"

This week’s episode of the Kroll Show was passable. The sketches were humorous ideas even if the execution didn’t really have me rolling on the floor. The three main threads followed the reality show spoof “Gigolo House,” John Mulaney returning as the old guys from “Too Much Tuna” visit the YMCA in “Oh, Hello,” and C-Czar in “Dad Academy.”

The “Dad Academy” sketch was pretty boring, although the mesh and Styrofoam dummy baby was hilarious and might have been the high point of a somewhat dreary episode. The guys in “Oh, Hello” were successfully gross and creepy, but there weren’t enough outraged members yelling at them. The conflict could have been ratcheted up in this one. However, John Mulaney as George St. Geegland delusional and outraged that a former student of his, who is now a successful author, would come to speak at “his Y” was amusing.

“Gigolo House” was not super great this week either. Chelsea Peretti and Jason Mantzoukas are always tremendously fun to watch and Kroll has great chemistry with both of them. But despite the energy they all brought to “Gigolo House,” I was expecting more to happen than actually did. There was some funny dialogue, for example Chelsea Peretti as Farley explaining that she, too, could also be a gigolo because, “like Hollery Clinton.” With all of the talent on this show, it seems like this was just an off week.

Some Highlights:

1. George St. Geegland teaching short stories at SUNY Yonkers

2. Peter Paparazzo telling the Gigolo House that he’s “got a couple of dick tricks to show you jerks.”

3. “Work Hard and Play Hard is one rule bro.”

4. “Manhattan’s own exclusive club that anyone can belong to.” – George St. Geegland on the YMCA

5. When C-Czar mistakes his wire baby doll for Anderson Cooper because “he’s white and he has flaxen hair.”