Kroll Show Review: "Banff is on Fire"

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<i>Kroll Show</i> Review: "Banff is on Fire"

This week’s Kroll Show was my favorite episode of the season. I was delighted from start to finish. It was chock full of laughs, many of them at the expense of the gorgeous Canadian people and their pronunciation of the word “pasta.” This episode was extremely heaving on the Degrassi Junior High parody, “Wheels Ontario” and that sketch’s American Idol parody “Show Us Your Songs Toronto,” which featured some spectacular magic tricks by Nathan Fielder.

The show came out of the gate hard with Bobby Bottleservice (Kroll) and Peter Paparazzo (Jon Daly) doing a Dateline exposé-styled reality show wherein they weirdly hunt down cheating boyfriends like Tim/Steve played by Steve Dildarian. Honestly, the plot of this particular sketch didn’t fully make sense, but it had enough funny moments to keep it afloat. Even Dr. Armond the pet plastic surgeon was enjoyable this week, as he returned home post-murder trial to live with his taxidermist father.

The closing scenes between Dr. Armond and Bill Burr as the detective trying to solve his wife’s murder was great. I’m really looking forward to more of their new CSI-style buddy cop endeavor “Too Much Love.” Nick Kroll’s real mom even showed up this week. Definitely worth the watch.

Some Highlights:

“Do you buy her nice stuff or are you just like ‘flip over weirdo’?” – Peter Paparazzo

“Let me essplain!!” – Bobby Bottleservice

“Guys, please say ‘hither’ when I call your name!” – Coach/Teacher taking attendance

Nathan Fielder and Kroll discussing homicide in a sunny baseball diamond sitting next to a child wearing headphones:

Kroll: “Would you ever murder someone?”

Fielder: “I guess if someone, like, came at me with a knife, I would probably move out of the way and, like, quickly twist their neck, and if they died from that.”

Kroll: “Your move would be a neck twist?”

Fielder: “Yeah, that’s the only one I’ve practiced.”