Let John Oliver Introduce You to Boris Johnson, the New Prime Minister of the U.K.

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Let John Oliver Introduce You to Boris Johnson, the New Prime Minister of the U.K.

Boris Johnson isn’t just a clown, he’s the whole circus. The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is a xenophobic, fear-mongering alt-right chud who’s won over British citizens with his foolish persona and disheveled demeanor. He’s regularly drawn comparisons to Trump, but while the two have similar politics, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is here to remind you that Johnson’s bumbling rise through the British political system might actually be scarier.

Oliver points out that Johnson’s antics, which are often deemed weird personality quirks, could actually be calculated political maneuvers. Oliver describes his ridiculous outfits as a “raccoon that just emerged from David Foster Wallace’s trash,” pointing out that there’s no way that Johnson coincidentally has his hair messed up before every interview. Oliver posits that this makes him more relatable and obfuscates his nightmarish stances in the press, who are more focused on talking about Johnson’s clumsiness. And the recently viral video of Johnson describing his affinity for painting model buses might be a way to change the top internet search results of “Boris Johnson bus,” which would otherwise direct you to a description of the blatantly inaccurate bus he touted around London to promote his pro-Brexit politics.

Maybe this all sounds like some tin-foil hat conspiracy theorizing, but Johnson’s media-evasive, conniving behavior has a history. Oliver taps into Johnson’s history of journalistic lying and stunningly racist remarks, then showing the interview footage that surrounds those moments; he always gets away with it, because the press usually lets him.

How exactly Johnson’s antics will play out in the lead-up to the impending Oct. 31 deadline for a Brexit proposal remains unclear. The Brexit deal requires “focus, discipline and detail, but those are three Achilles heels for Johnson,” according to Oliver. Oof. Watch the whole clip below and check out some funny tweets about Johnson here.

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