John Oliver Throws Last Week Tonight Fans a Bone with New "Lost Graphics" Installment

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John Oliver Throws <i>Last Week Tonight</i> Fans a Bone with New "Lost Graphics" Installment

John Oliver’s indispensable Last Week Tonight is the closest thing we have to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show nowadays, an informative and galvanizing comedic bulwark against the maelstrom of insanity that is our current world. For that reason, it’s always a gut punch when Oliver ends an episode by announcing that his HBO show is taking some time off, as he did at the end of July 1’s Last Week Tonight—Oliver and company are off until July 29, which is an eternity of ducking to avoid the flurry of nerve-shredding headlines constantly flying about on this here internet. But the Last Week Tonight team have shared a little something to help get us through another show-less Sunday, debuting the third volume in a series Oliver calls “Lost Graphics”—you can watch all three installments below, assuming you haven’t yet trashed your computer Ron Swanson-style.

The web-exclusive clip finds Oliver revisiting a handful of the “truly ridiculous images” the Last Week Tonight graphic design team put together, but never got the chance to trot out. The host begins the brief segment by gloating about his ignorance of everything awful that has happened since July 1 before diving into the graphics themselves, which include everything from dog condoms (“appropriately called Ruff Riders”) to Ivanka Trump as Catherine Keener’s villainous hypnotherapist character from Get Out. Oliver’s recall of the cut joke that matches each graphic is spotty, leaving some of the absurd visuals open to interpretation. See what you make of them below, find Oliver’s previous “Lost Graphics” installments further down, and until Oliver and company return on July 29, grit your teeth and know we’ll be white-knuckling through each news day right along with you.

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