Last Week Tonight Returned on Sunday and John Oliver Didn't Miss a Beat

Comedy Video Last Week Tonight
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John Oliver’s months-long hiatus finally came to an end on Sunday with the return of Last Week Tonight, and, much to the delight of fans, the show felt like it was in mid-season form. Its mix of biting criticism, expansive reporting and general silliness has been greatly missed in the current political climate. Though late-night TV has become the cultural center of goofy yet resolute political critique, Oliver’s distinct brand has been missed. Whether it be the show’s commitment to thoroughly researched “deep dives” into overtly and unknowingly relevant topics alike or the freedom to drop a cathartic F-bomb or two, Oliver and company continue to supply an offering not fully matched by the rest of TV’s comedic commentators.

In its return, Last Week Tonight tackled President Trump’s continued missteps in foreign policy and the continuing descent into laughingstock territory of his administration. From showcasing myriad examples of foreign Trump impersonators to outlining the numerous failures that Trump’s “America First” rhetoric has produced on the global spectrum, Oliver hits the ground running. The whole episode builds to another glorious example of the show’s ability to embolden America through some of its more pridefully dumb characteristics and creations that will make fans who’ve been marathoning old episodes on YouTube in search of comfort feel right at home.

Check out Last Week Tonight’s “Trump vs. the World” above.

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