Matthew McConaughey Makes a Variety of Weird Noises in this Awesome Supercut

Comedy Video
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The so-called “McConaissance” is a lie. Not because Matthew McConaughey hasn’t had a great couple of years—dude’s the best, of course—but because he was never not amazing. There was never a slump to crawl out of, no matter how many bad romantic comedies he did throughout the ‘00s. This isn’t a case of him becoming better, but of the world finally realizing what’s been plainly evident since his very first movie role: everything JK Livin’ does is fascinating. For proof, watch the video above, which collects a dozen or so clips of McConaughey making weird noises for no reason whatsoever in what looks like almost every movie he’s ever been in. In like half of them he’s just in the background grunting or whooping for no damn reason. It is, no exaggeration, the single greatest thing you’ll watch on the internet in the next five minutes.