The Funniest #DemDebate Tweets from the Miami Debate

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The Funniest #DemDebate Tweets from the Miami Debate

Remember when the DNC had only scheduled like four debates? Remember those innocent days of late 2015, when Bernie Sanders was a curiosity and Hillary Clinton’s triumph was assured? Now there’s a real race going on and the Democrats are pumping these debates out as often as the Republicans. It’s like they actually want the nation to see how reasonable and responsible they are compared to those other guys. (Hell, Vermin Supreme is reasonable and responsible compared to those other guys.) Last night Clinton and Sanders went head-to-head again in Miami for a debate broadcast by Univision, and despite some overzealous moderation, it was still largely respectful and often substantial and a vivid reminder, once again, of which one of these two parties is actually a serious political party and not a clown-filled sideshow. That doesn’t mean you can’t still make jokes about it, though. Here are the funniest tweets about the latest Democratic debate, courtesy of: