Previously Unreleased Monty Python Audio to Air for 50th Anniversary

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Previously Unreleased Monty Python Audio to Air for 50th Anniversary

In honor of the classic comedy troupe’s 50th anniversary, you’ll soon get a chance to listen in on never-before-released audio from Monty Python.

Michael Palin, a member of the iconic group who also adds actor, writer and TV presenter to his resume, will executive produce a series of radio specials for the anniversary celebration, Monty Python announced Wednesday. After premiering on BBC Radio 4, American audiences will finally get a taste of the new material.

The five specials will air on Sirius XM in the U.S. after hitting BBC Radio in September.

The impossibly prolific film, TV and radio work of Palin and his fellow Pythons—John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Graham Chapman—will be showcased on the 50th anniversary series, a whole half-century after the group first began.

A new series and previously unreleased audio not good enough for you? Well, there will also be a slate of anniversary events through September, including screenings of a restored Monty Python’s Flying Circus series at the British Film Institute.

You can also catch screenings of pre-Python shows, At Last the 1948 Show and Do Not Adjust Your Set, as well as post-Python works Fawlty Towers and Ripping Yarns, not to mention movies such as Jabberwocky and Time Bandits.

If you can’t catch any in-person screenings, BBC America will also run a marathon of Monty Python’s Flying Circus episodes and tag on runs on Monty Python’s Life of Brian and, of course, the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail. UMC and Virgin EMI are also set to re-issue Monty Python Sings on double vinyl, tacking on the additional track “Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python … Galaxy Song.”

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