Watch John Oliver Honor Mother's Day by Criticizing Unpaid Maternity Leave

Comedy Video Mother's Day
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While everyone else was taking the typical route of sharing throwback photos of their moms on Facebook, John Oliver was celebrating Mother’s Day in a different way. In the main segment of last night’s Last Week Tonight, the host exposed the extreme hypocrisy of the US devoting a holiday to mothers yet failing to provide paid maternity leave.

The segment starts out with Oliver running clips of some of the more unusual ads for Mother’s Day special offers, such as baseball teams giving free merch items to moms at games and Hooters advertising that moms eat free on Mother’s Day. Despite the commercialization of motherhood, though, Oliver reveals that the United States and Papa New Guinea are the only two countries in the world that don’t offer paid maternity leave.

The segment later shifts to clips of representatives disputing the idea of paid maternity leave in 1993, claiming that such a thing would be “anti-business.” Oliver follows the clip of a Texas representative’s complaints by mockingly saying in a Southern accent, “If we allow new mother’s to take time off work, businesses shall crumble, our cities shall burn and hungry wolves shall roam our streets—I’m not anti-mom, I’m anti-wolf!”.