Watch the First Trailer for Nathan Fielder's New HBO Show The Rehearsal

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Watch the First Trailer for Nathan Fielder's New HBO Show <i>The Rehearsal</i>

Nathan Fielder’s new show, The Rehearsal, premieres on HBO and HBO Max on July 15, and until now we’ve seen very little of it. Fielder posted the first full trailer to his Twitter account this afternoon, given us our first significant glimpse at the new show; HBO subsequently uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch that YouTube video below. Before now, it’s been hard to grasp what exactly The Rehearsal will be; press releases mention Fielder helping people prepare for major life moments through “carefully crafted simulations,” but this trailer makes it look like a full-on Truman Show-esque combination of reality TV and real life, with Fielder in the Ed Harris role of pulling the strings in normal people’s lives. It’s hard to tell how much of this is scripted or planned, and which (if any) of the people in the trailer are “real” people instead of actors, but one thing that seems pretty clear is that this is going to be really tense and uncomfortable for a comedy—which is no surprise, coming from the creator of Nathan For You. Like, no matter what somebody signs up for when they agree to do a TV show, I don’t know if swapping out their real baby for a fake one behind their back is legal, so it’ll be intriguing to unravel the layers of reality (and unreality) in this show when it launches later this month. Check out the trailer below, and try not to get paranoid about whether your life is a simulation or not.