Watch Colbert and Corden Join the Fight to #SaveNelly

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Last night, the hosts of Late Night with Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show with James Corden joined the rally to save Nelly from his IRS debt.

Rather than streaming “Hot In Herre” or “Ride Wit Me” ad nauseum, Colbert decided to give Nelly some very sound financial advice in the form of a hip-hop parody titled “Debt in Herre.”

“Just pay your monthly debt / So your accounts don’t close / Being frugal is so hot / You’re gonna pay your bills off,” Colbert sang, along with his backing band.

Corden, on the other hand, placed a button in the studio that played “Hot In Herre” every time it was pressed, reportedly costing the show $6,000 per play.

Fans have been relentlessly streaming Nelly’s music after SPIN reported that the rapper needs at least 287,176,547 Spotify streams to pay off his debt. Now that Colbert and Corden have joined the fight, Nelly just might have a chance.

Watch those clips above and below, and do your part to #SaveNelly.