The 10 Best Standup Comedy Specials On Netflix Instant

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Dave Chappelle has been making headlines with his recent comeback tour on the Funny or Die Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival. The comedian had a controversial set in Hartford, Conn., walking off the stage due to an abusive audience. He has continued to tour and as clips from his show surface online, it’s clear that Chappelle is just as funny, if not more, than he ever was. Nothing beats seeing a comedian live, but if Chappelle isn’t in your city right now, we’ve made a list of 10 other great standup acts currently streaming on Netflix.

10. Rob Delaney – Live At The Bowery Ballroom

The King of Twitter Comedy rose to fame through the 140-character medium and now has almost one million followers. He now does comedy full-time and his first big standup special is last year’s Live At The Bowery Ballroom. Delaney takes his fans through graphic, yet hilarious, adventures (most of which have to do with the human body and/or bodily functions).

9. Kevin Hart – Seriously Funny

Comedian Kevin Hart made Seriously Funny back in 2010. Filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, Hart tells stories about the difficulties of fatherhood and the dangers of fighting. Prior to making Seriously Funny, Hart had already made a name for himself with appearances in movies like The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Scary Movie 4, and Death At A Funeral.

8. Louis C.K. – Live At The Beacon Theater

Louis C.K has become one of the biggest comedians in the business thanks to his hit series Louie. Extremely prolific, he never does the same show twice. Like many others, Louis has started releasing his own specials online, selling them for a low price (usually around $5). This has allowed him to churn out one special after the other. This fourth, full-length special from Louis is just too funny to leave off the list. Filmed at The Beacon Theater in New York City, Louis talks about becoming a terrible, apathetic member of society and how he learned that he’s too old for drugs.

7. Reggie Watts – Why $#!+ So Crazy?

Reggie Watts is a man of many talents. His greatest, by far, is comedy. He is most famous for his part in the IFC show Comedy Bang Bang. Watts has spent years writing, playing music and doing comedy bits for a number of programs. His special Why $#!+ So Crazy?, is by far one the best things he’s ever done. Released in 2010, Watts performs a set of witty hip-hop comedy songs in Brooklyn, NY.

6. Aisha Tyler – Live at the Fillmore

Beginning with the intro song, “No Ass at All,” Tyler jumps right into her self-deprecating humor, but we can’t find much wrong with the hilarious, beautiful and wicked-smart comic. This 2008 special was recorded in front of her home crowd in San Francisco and covers working out in L.A., marrying a white guy and her own geekdom.

5. Jim Gaffigan – Beyond The Pale

Beyond The Pale was Jim Gaffigan’s first big standup special that launched his career as a big-time, standup comedian. Released in 2005, this was the special that introduced the “Hot Pocket” routine, along with an additional hour of hilarious classics. Gaffigan has since released two more specials, King Baby and Mr. Universe, also on Netflix.

4. George Carlin – It’s Bad For Ya

George Carlin, most famous for his “”Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television bit, just didn’t give a damn. His 2008 special It’s Bad For Ya, recorded just before his death, only further proves that. It’s Bad For Ya won the Grammy for Best Comedy Album. The Grammy was awarded posthumously.

3. Aziz Ansari – Dangerously Delicious

Aziz Ansari got his first big role on the MTV sketch comedy show Human Giant with fellow comedians Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer. Unfortunately, Human Giant only lasted two epic seasons and Aziz went on to join the cast of Parks & Recreation. He has since released two stand-up specials: 2009’s Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening and 2012’s Dangerously Delicious. The latter has Aziz finding his comedic stride. Ansari is much more comfortable in this performance than his first special. Dangerously Delicious has Aziz showcasing completely new material and characters, while bringing back some audience favorites like his cousin Harris.

2. Louis C.K. – Chewed Up

Louis C.K.’s 2008 special Chewed Up is definitely one of his strongest. Filmed at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston, Mass., Louis covers everything from the difference between girls and women to destroying his body by eating copious amounts of Cinnabon.

1. Eddie Murphy – Raw

Eddie Murphy ruled the standup world in the 1980s. His two specials, Delirious and Raw, are among the crudest and most sensational standup acts ever recorded. Delirious became well-known as the stand-up special that contained roughly 230 uses of the word “fuck,” while Raw comes in second around the 220 mark. Eddie Murphy, 26, recorded Raw at New York City’s Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden. In this classic performance, Murphy tells stories being lectured by Bill Cosby, not getting McDonalds as a child, and the problems with American women. Not to mention his purple leather suit was about the most ‘80s thing anyone could ever put together.