Norm Macdonald's Netflix Show Gets a Name and Premiere Date

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Norm Macdonald's Netflix Show Gets a Name and Premiere Date

Correction: Norm’s show is only going to be a half-hour per episode. Dang.

The universe takes Netflix comedy shows away, and the universe gives Netflix comedy shows back.

Just a few days after the streaming company cancelled The Break with Michelle Wolf and The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, Netflix has announced that Norm Macdonald’s previously announced talk show now has a premiere date and a name.

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Norm Macdonald Has a Show will launch on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 14, with all ten half-hour episodes releasing at once. Produced by Lionsgate, with Adam Eget as sidekick and David Letterman serving as “location scout,” Norm Macdonald Has a Show’s first season will feature conversations with a weirdly diverse group of guests. Here’s the list of celebrities that will be stopping by Norm’s show:

Drew Barrymore
David Spade
Judge Judy Sheindlin
David Letterman
Jane Fonda
Chevy Chase
M. Night Shyamalan
Michael Keaton
Billy Joe Shaver
Lorne Michaels

So you’ve got a legendary actress, an infamous director, the most famous current member of an iconic acting family, one of the best singer-songwriters in the history of outlaw country music, maybe the most well-known asshole in the industry, the producer of Saturday Night Live who had to unceremoniously fire Norm for his OJ Simpson jokes, and then Judge Judy. It might seem like a random assortment of people, but I’m actually excited to see Norm talk to all of them (well, most of them—sorry, Shyamalan). That episode with Lorne Michaels should be especially interesting, given Norm’s sudden exit from SNL. And although Chevy Chase is apparently hated by almost everybody who’s ever worked for him, I imagine he might get on fine with Norm—they have similar approaches to comedy, and Norm apparently likes Chase enough to get him to do a glorified cameo in the 1998 classic Dirty Work.

Netflix has been cranking out the talk shows of late, but this show seems to be more along the lines of Letterman’s recent Netflix show, less of a variety show than a lengthy conversation with a single guest. Of course it’s hard to imagine Norm eschewing comedy as thoroughly as Letterman does on his new show, and frankly I wouldn’t want to see him try. Norm Macdonald has been a singular and fantastic voice in comedy for decades, and hopefully Norm Macdonald Has a Show will make up for all the many years we’ve had to go without that voice.