The Best Obamacare vs. GOP Replacement Tweets

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The Best Obamacare vs. GOP Replacement Tweets

We should embrace humor today, for soon we will all be dead. But also broke first. And like, real soon, if the GOP’s healthcare proposal becomes law. So when we saw Twitter overflow with tweets comparing Obamacare to the GOP’s replacement plans, we knew this was a thing people would maybe look at for twenty or so seconds on their lunch break.

Obamacare’s not perfect, but the GOP plan, as laid out, is a disaster. We won’t get into why right here—this is but a humble introductory paragraph to a collection of jokes scraped off of a public social media network. You should not be getting your news and analysis from us. If you want specifics on why this thing is bad news, many very serious people on very serious websites can explain it to you today (again, including our own), so just go read one of those things to get the basics.

The basics we care about here are the fundamentals of jokecraft. That jolt of hilarity that erupts from the unexpected juxtaposition of two similar images. The usage of visual cues, most likely rooted in pop culture, to blithely reduce the incoming degradation of our already insufficient healthcare system into an immediately recognizable bite of satire. The tweeting of two things together, one of them normal, one of them less normal. It’s the story of today, of how technology has revolutionized how we communicate and joke with one another, and of how websites pay the bills. Here are the best and funniest and most biting and most prescient (and least wrestling-related because holy geez a lot of these were wrestling-related) Obamacare vs. GOP replacement tweets that we’ve seen in the last 12 hours or so.

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