Man Leaves Hilarious Fake CDs in Local Record Store

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Man Leaves Hilarious Fake CDs in Local Record Store

We’ve written about Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant before. He’s the guy who specializes in making fake flyers, ads, coupons and other pranks, and slipping them into real locations. He’s the fake grocery store tip guy and the fake IKEA product review guy. You’ve probably seen his work all over the internet, and if you’re lucky, maybe even in a retail store, library or zoo near you.

His latest project is especially notable for all of us music-lovers here at Paste. He recently made up a bunch of fake CDs and left them in the used bin of a local record store. They’re convincing fakes, as usual, and although the ideas are inherently ridiculous, this is still a world that saw the release of an Elvis Presley live album that was nothing but between-song banter, so who’s to say a record of Sinatra making train sounds couldn’t have really happened at some point?

We’ve picked our favorites out for this gallery, and you can find a few more over at Wysaski’s Tumblr and Facebook.