The Funniest Tweets About the New Oscar for Popular Films

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The Funniest Tweets About the New Oscar for Popular Films

Since there’s been absolutely no news worth discussing for several years now in this big old uneventful world of ours, much of the internet has spent the last three hours perplexed by some upcoming changes to the Oscars that were announced today. Here’s what the Academy had to say:

In their eternal struggle for relevance, the Academy is introducing new measures that kind of just undercut the entire point of the Oscars to begin with. What few production awards still make the TV broadcast will now be given out during ad breaks to keep the run time down, which is a raw deal if you’re a sound editor or costume designer. The show’s being pushed up two to three weeks, giving us even less time to see all the nominees. And, in the biggest, most controversial, and, frankly, most laughable change, they’re adding a new category for “popular” movies. It’s basically guaranteed to be the Black Panther Honorary Oscar, at least this first year—a gimme to the biggest blockbuster of the year, and one that will probably only further piss off everybody who thinks Panther deserves Best Picture.

In our indefatigable commitment to keeping you up to date with the funniest, buzziest, memenest Twitter blurts, we’ve collected some of the best reactions to the new Oscar changes that popped up on Twitter today. Part of us are disappointed to see people be so flippant and disrespectful about the Oscars—truly the paragon of American culture and artistic appreciation—but a bigger part of us also knows that these things are a pretty easy gig. And it’s a gig you can always trust us here at Paste to undertake, all in hopes of bringing you at least a modicum of joy. It’s truly been our pleasure.