Watch a Trailer for Patton Oswalt's New Netflix Stand-up Special

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Watch a Trailer for Patton Oswalt's New Netflix Stand-up Special

We’re just about a week away from Patton Oswalt’s fourth Netflix stand-up special and 10th overall, which means it’s perfect time for a trailer. Patton Oswalt: We All Scream hits Netflix on Sept. 20, and based on the clips in the trailer will feature a whole lot of jokes about aging and morality and grievous bodily harm. That makes sense—Oswalt is entering his mid 50s, and if you’re lucky enough to live into your middle ages you’ll find yourself thinking a lot about how goddamned old you’ve become. I’m guessing that probably never stops, either, and let me tell you, I can’t wait to spend the second half of my life missing the first half of it.

Oswalt’s remained as prolific as ever despite the pandemic—this is the second special he will have released on Netflix since everything shut down in March, 2020. Since then he’s also popped up as the voice of Matthew the Raven in Sandman, wrapped up the final season of the great A.P. Bio, and added like two dozen other credits to his IMDB page. Stand-up is his true skill, though, and his fans are no doubt happy to have a new hour to look forward to. Check out the trailer below, and get ready for new Patton in eight days.