Paul Rudd Beat Stephen Hawking at Quantum Chess to Save the Future

Comedy Video Paul Rudd
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Paul Rudd recently starred in the bite-sized summer blockbuster Ant Man, so he is well versed in quantum mechanics. Clearly.

To prove it, the people behind One Entangled Evening, Caltech’s event honoring said mechanics, got Alex Winter (Bill of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Advventure) to call on Ted and Brian Fantana to make this 12-minute short.

In it, an ageless Keanu Reeves calls on Mr. Rudd to beat Dr. Stephen Hawking (who loves the banana eating cat just like us!) in a groundbreaking game of “quantum chess.” Rudd, also an anomaly of age, brushes up on his Harry Potter and rises to the challenge.

Our advice: don’t try to follow the logistics of the game (unless you’re physicist or chess master), and just enjoy the input from spectators like Judd Apatow, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Barack Obama.

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