The Funniest Tweets About the First Presidential Debate

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The Funniest Tweets About the First Presidential Debate

We are exactly six weeks away from the election right now. In about 42 days this entire monstrosity will finally be over, and we’ll know whether we’re staring down four years of uninspiring business as usual or the potential awakening of the apocalypse. Last night’s debate did nothing to make us think those two results, one mundane, one comically extreme, were any less likely. Hillary Clinton was the bland politician she’s always been, whereas Donald Trump was a sniffling, shouting, interrupting, lying gasbag who looked like he was about to burst at any second. How anybody could watch last night’s show and not realize that Trump would be perhaps the greatest embarrassment visited upon our country in decades mystifies us. He’s bad for the country, but, as always, great for comedy, as Twitter proved once again last night. Here are the best, smartest, funniest and most scathing tweets about last night’s first debate, as written by the following patriotic citizens: