The Funniest Tweets About the Second Presidential Debate

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The Funniest Tweets About the Second Presidential Debate

Cool debate tonight. Trump lied constantly, interrupted constantly, attacked constantly, went off on nonsensical tangents, openly admitted to not paying his taxes for 20 years, praised Russia and Iran while throwing his own running mate under the bus, denied ever telling us to “check out” Alicia Machado’s non-existent “sex tape” despite definitely doing so on Twitter, immediately answered a question about how to reduce Islamophobia by regurgitating Islamophobic talking points, openly accused moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper of conspiring against him, and, oh yeah, said he’d immediately call a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary and throw her in jail as soon as he’s president. You know, like a dictator. It’s the same old shit you always hear whenever somebody gives Trump a live mic, the uncontrollable spew of a brain that has never quite worked properly. If anything made this sad disaster tolerable it was Twitter, where once again we turned for comfort and solace while staring down proof of America’s obsolescence. Here are the funniest tweets about tonight’s debate, from the following folks: