Check Out This Excellent Cover Of "Get Schwifty" From Rick And Morty

Comedy Video Rick And Morty
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Last fall, Rick and Morty might have composed the best song in any 2015 television show with “Get Schwifty,” an absurd dance tune with obscene lyrics cobbled together by Rick to save Earth from giant floating heads. It introduced a new term for “drunk” to the American lexicon, it discussed defecation, and it earned Earth a trip to a sort of Intergalactic Idol.

So naturally, “Get Schwifty” has inspired a number of remixes and covers. Today’s comes from Misha Mansoor, producer and guitarist for djent (a heavy metal variant) band Periphery. He and his brother Axel give us an epic orchestral version with booming drums and ghostly vocals. Check it out … we think you’ll like what they got.

This isn’t Mansoor’s first Rick and Morty-related cover, either. In August, he made a metal cover of the show’s theme song that approximates his typical genre much more closely.

You can read our review of “Get Schwifty,” the fifth episode of Rick and Morty’s most recent season, here.